Any and all members are encouraged to update this page with official events or just plain news about games they may be hosting.

March 1st 2008 - TABSCON Edit

Agrippa: Resurrection Agrippa Mega Battle! "Like the good old days" The forces of Morpheous Vrool strike out, attempting to break the blockade on the Nostril of Terror by opening a new rift in the heart of the sector. But a brave band of rogue traders was able to send warning in time. Can the breach be sealed?

The main game will be held at TABSCon XIV on Saturday, March 1, 2008. TABSCon is held at the Trinity Presbyterian Church - York Mills at 2737 Bayview Ave. The event is be held in west hall at the street level at the north end of the church.

The game will start at 9:00am. Due to the size of it we encourage everyone to arrive on time.

A related game will be played in Italy by David and the gang there. Scenario details being worked out.

More to follow!