Anthenae, commonly spelled as Athenae by Imperial scholars Edit

The inhabitants of the Craftworld Anthenae are one of the three major Eldar groups that formed the earliest civilisations in the Agrippa Sector.

Originally the Anthenae shared a territory with the Sethnor Eldar in what is now the Tau Conclave of Aachen.

The Anthenae have never been content to follow the accepted Eldar paths and live within the confines of their craftworld. One of their guiding principles since the Fall has been to find a suitable world to settle so the Eldar race may rise again. This mission has taken on mythic qualities within their culture, and the world they seek has come to be known as the Hearth.

Each generation, one of their number is designated as the Hearthseeker. It is the responsibility of this individual to continue the search for a homeworld. Although they seldom lead the craftworld, they can call upon its resources at need.

There have always been two competing philosophies within the Anthenae. Most support the continuing search for the Hearth, largely through stealth, friendship, and peace. Spiritually, they believe the quest to locate the Hearth, the perfect world, will cleanse them, protecting them from She Who Hungers. To this group, it is a waste of much needed resources to engage in conflict with external forces.

The smaller group, known as the Yrthis, believe the goal of the Anthenae may only be claimed through might of arms. They argue the Hearth can be seized and made suitable to their needs, rather than discovered. The Yrthis often play a prominent role in the military forces of the Craftworld, but seldom is the Hearthseeker selected from their number, and they produce few Farseers.

In M42, the conflict between the two philosophies changed dramatically. The Yrthis, incited by the arrival of the Tau and the Haras Ig Iadonna, and -it is suspected- influenced by the being known as Hezlah, attempted to take control. When their attempt failed, a radical branch of the Yrthis calling itself the Brotherhood detonated an explosive device which crippled the craftworld. It was their hope the damage to the ship would force the Anthenae to remain in Aachen and fight for the sub-sector rather than travelling to Scylla.

The plan did not succeed. Shortly after, the craftworld began the shift to Aachen. The members of the Brotherhood were discovered and forced to flee. They have not been heard from since, and strategists in the Imperial and Eldar communities have often voiced concern regarding their current location and activities.

Currently, the Anthenae have few dealings with non-Eldar. The lengthy process of re-growing the damaged sections of the Craftworld continues. Unrest and violence between the two factions still mars the traquility of the Anthenae. Many eldar become pathfinders, anxious to leave behind the internal tensions of their home, and -possibly- find the Hearth. Few return and the Anthenae dwindle.

The current Hearthseeker, Y'ros Lillithan , though a respected corsair, has been deeply troubled by the defection of the Brotherhood. Brooding and unapproachable, the loss of his leadership has harmed the Anthenae greatly.