Hello fellow armchair warlords, fluff mavens and Agrippa enthusiasts!

The success of the wiki so far has been fantastic. For ages now the original Agrippa website struggled with having to funnel all content through a single web master which to be honest, was a ton of work. So now we’re going to shift the focus of the original website to be a blog news reel and showcase.

As for fluff? Here’s where the wiki comes in to play.

A couple of things first….

Naming your Articles Edit

Naming your articles is a very important consideration. This wiki often will categorize with alphabetical linking rules so getting the name of a character or article right is really important.

Try to avoid naming your articles with the word “The” as the first word. I know it’s tempting and I’ve done it myself, but instead of making an article called. – The Hibernian Subsector – you simply want to name it – Hibernian Subsector –

Same goes with characters and there’s an added twist. Often with a character it’s tempting to put the title of the character first such in the case of Admiral Exeter, or Inquisitor Commena etc. The problem here is in an alpha list they are classified under the letters I or A instead of where there name goes.

When it comes to characters lets try to use the naming convention LASTNAMEFIRST GIVENNAME MIDDLE TITLELAST

Sometimes a character won’t have a first name or a title but in most cases we refer to our characters by their last name so this is the safest bet, especially in an alpha listing.

There are a few exceptions to this rule such as in the case of Morpheus Vrool, who is really an entity rather than a person. Common sense applies when you are naming characters but try to keep it to the above.

Changing Article Names Edit

If you’ve created a bunch of articles with the words “The” or titles at the beginning, use the “Move” tab to rename them. We’re early enough in the wiki creation process to do this with little link impact. However, it’s all of our jobs to scan articles and update bad links if we can.

Categories and User pages Edit

In a wiki it’s tempting to create category pages and Agrippians are encouraged to do so. Again naming is important. Words like “The” should be avoided for the reasons listed above. Take a look at existing categories to get a sense of what has been done before. For example a good Category is a simple Eldar of Agrippa or Inquisition of Agrippa.

Because Category pages are so powerful, it’s also tempting to create a Category for yourself to keep track of all your articles. However, this is discouraged. Wiki’s have something called User pages that do just this. All you have to do is simply make sure you “sign” your pages and your user name will link to your User page. Users are encouraged to dress-up their user pages with as much cool info and pictures of themselves as possible including miniatures!

Article Debates and Revised Histories Edit

Wikis are great places to share information but they are also awesome tools for resolving history and POV debates. One person’s view of an event, character, or battle will be different than another’s. This can be both pleasantly surprising to some and mildly annoying to others. By using the edit summary function one can reason why they are changing a fact or history. When you feel compelled to change a particularly controversial area of a page, you may want to justify the change on the pages “Talk” section so that others can comment and things can be resolved. Also an important rule when changing articles is to try to incorporate others views in with yours by saying things like “There is much debate over the facts of this event, some say blah blah blah, others say blah blah blah”

You get it! Right? --Steve Sandford 15:21, 14 February 2008 (UTC)