The elite terminator corps (1st coy.) of the Victrix Astartes, the Green Knights bore many similarities in terms of skills and equipment to the Grey Knights.

Although not officially attached, they were the preffered companions of Inquisitor Lannes during the events leading up to the Invasion of Hibernia.

The 1st Coy. was completely wiped out during the assasination of Lannes at the Battle of Fladgate City, an event steeped in controversy. Popular consipiracy claims that a Chaos infiltrator within the ranks of the Victrix Astartes played a direct role in the fall of the 1st Coy.

These rumours have been enough to have seen the entire chapter disappear in late M41. Some say the chapter has been excommunicated while others maintain the shame of losing the Green Knights led to self-exile.

For some reason Inquistor Commnena has been implicated in the events which has also led to the Harrowing of Trajanus.