Centurio Cohors Tertius, Miles Rufus Astartes Edit


Hector, Centurio Cohors Tertius

Hector and his brother Keel were recruited in to the Red Guard during the early days of Korvus' Legacy. From the first day the geneseed implantation was certified as pure, his instructors marked him out as something different. A combination of cold-blooded analysis of tactics coupled with a berserk like fury in the midst of combat, he was a veritable avatar of war.

When Timon, the previous Captain of the Third Company, was killed in an ambush during the Twelvers' great quest, Hector rallied his brothers, and lead them not only to safety, but victory. His acclamation earned him the accolade of Captain in a unanimous vote of the battle brothers of the third company.

As Captain his actions have been by and large fought in the Agrippa Sector. Until the Fronde his enemies were traitors and spawn of the warp, and they have learned to fear his cry on the battlefield.

Nor are his allies entirely comfortable in his presence, either. Unlike most of the Twelvers, the death of his Brother Keel at the Battle of the Great Bridge triggered the Black Rage in Hector, and has been seen drinking the blood of his enemies on the battlefield, in particular that of the Chaos Lord Hector McLuhan.

Rumour has it that this act led to some sort of unholy fusion of the two men's minds, and since that day Hector has displayed evidence of suffering from a split personality, a heavily controlled, almost serene persona that in times of stress gives way to that of a bloodthirsty killer.

Hector's reputation is varied. Many consider him a menace that must be closely watched, but after his fall and subsequent resurrection at Hive Secundus on Hibernia, and his taking the role of the Penitent during the Fronde a cult following has risen up, calling him the Risen Angel.

Hector's flagship is the Nemesis, a Chaos Strike Carrier captured at Blodsburg and purified thereafter. In it he serves with the Twelver Chapter Fleet some of the time, but he is often absent on some personal quest that has grown to be of great concern of his brothers.