The Lord of Apostasy Edit

Once a Captain-Sorceror of the Thousand Sons, Indra was among those of Ahriman’s cabal scattered by his primarch’s displeasure and Tzeentch’s design following the tragedy of the Rubric.

But while his brothers sought knowledge and direction Indra chose a different path: revenge. He acted slowly and carefully, plotting every step carefully. His goal was no less than the fall of the Imperium.

But he was not prepared to spend his brother’s remaining spirits in achieving it. They had paid enough, he believed. He would bend better tools to the task, the servants of the Imperium itself.

His first blow grew from whispers in the ear of Lord Vandire, and came to be known as the Age of Apostasy.

It was then that Indra earned his title, but failed in his design. The Imperium’s structure was too robust, too many checks and balances in place to protect it from treachery. His failure also refined his target. It was the Emperor, not the Imperium who had betrayed his brothers, and the Emperor should pay the price. But not the broken shell rotting in its tomb on Terra. Indra had heard stories of the Son, the Emperor waiting to be reborn. There was a suitable target for his vengeance, and Indra turned to the search with a passion.

Millenia have passed, but his vigor has not waned. Leading a force of those he has induced to betray their oaths he has cut a swathe across the galaxy, brooking no opposition in his quest.