This Is Chief Foreman Dibley to anyone who can receives this call.

We are under attack.

We are but a mere agriworld and do not have the security to withstand the assault.

The East Canton's have reported to have been taken and are currently being occupied by soldiers who call themselves "The Twelvers".

A Chaos warmaster named Hector has issued a surrender notice to the entire planet. Marines in Black armour and tarnished gold armour have been recorded massacring the East Canton.

I have no idea where they have come from or how they bypassed the Bastion without detection.

PDF forces have been dispatched to contain the drop sites but we need help immediately! As per usual the Navy is no where to be seen when we need them.


Hector's left fist was crushing the reinforced arm of the Nemesis' command chair as it clenched and unclenched slowly. His teeth ground together in time, loud enough to be heard by those nearby, as he read the flimsy in his left hand. "Heretic bastards!" he shouted, then spat a sizzling gob of saliva onto the deck before him. He crumpled the flimsy and hurled it away.

The heads of his brothers around the bridge stayed fixed on their consoles, but next to him Prior Tertius shook his head, "Rage will not serve you in this matter brother."

Hector stood slowly, "No, it won't, but it tastes good. How dare they take my name in vain."

"Careful brother, you are only made in the image of a God."

Hector fixed an eye as cold as its bionic twin on Tertius and frowned, "My apologies Prior, but this is insupportable. We must act."

"No, we must not. Portmoon is far away, and it is Secundus' choice as to our redeployment. This sector faces many threats, of which the assault on Portmoon is only a small part. You must have patience until we move, and then there will be enemies for you in plenty."

"Not soon enough."

Tertius placed a hand on Hector's shoulder, "Soon enough, and until then, perhaps some publicity would be your best offense in this matter. Tour the works at the Illiad gate, smile at the footings of the statue they are raising in your honour, mug for the cameras. Kiss some babies."

Hector frowned again, "Babies stink."

"Perhaps they do, but properly managed this ruse of our enemies will be made into a joke."

"As long as none of the Frater Septimus come along."

Tertius smiled, "Yes, we wouldn't want to confuse them."

"And what if these reporters ask about Portmoon?"

"Oh they will, that is for certain. Does anything odd strike you about the broadcast?"

Hector frowned as he thought, then said, "If I had attacked there would have been no broadcast. They would never have known what hit them."

Tertius smiled more broadly, "Tell them that then, it will make our enemies look the fools."

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